Project: NAO
Topic: Interactive humanoid
– Artist: BARRET Pascale
– Coach: GROBET Damien
– Expert: ALMEIDA Filipe
– FURLAN Jérémy
– PINKERS Christophe
– SOUSA Duarte
– autonomous behavior
– overcame several obstacles and objects
– interact with people
– create a personality and psychological profile
– tourist guide
– act as presentator
– interface with other technologies (kinect, arduino) and objects (ball, etc.)
– object recognition
– use all build in sensors and actuators
– communication with the pc (i.e. to change background images)
– dialog and smalltalk
– sending information, data or pictures via email
– describe the personality
– implement the personality
– create animations
– ways to express feelings (speech, sound, movement, led colors, etc.)
– explore the build in blocks
– plan additional behaviors
– create the environment (table, objects, screen, etc.)
– blog (
– preparing the presentation
– 2/3 slides for débriefing

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