Further information on NAOs personality

Todays goal was to create and implement a simple personality in NAO Coreographe. The following parameters will be used for human-like behaviours such as certain quotes, movements and face expressions (using the eye leds):

1) Fatigue
general parameter
ranging between tired and active

2) Mood
general parameter
ranging between bad and good

3) Feelings
personalized parameter
ranging between hate and love

The team implemented two different ways of passing these parameters from the initialization block to a block performing some kind of action

1) Wired
The properties are combined to an array and sent from an block outlet to the next block inlet. Doing so works fine, but will cause problems with the readability of the graphical code and will probably not work with interaction between different action blocks running simultaneously.
Project file: 2012-02-01_Personality_v2.crg

2) Wireless
Blocks are autonomous code elements and very limited when it comes to using common properties. Using the ALMemory let us store the properties in NAOs global memory and access it from any other block. This makes coding more flexible.
Project file: 2012-02-01_PassingParameters4.crg

Tomorrows workshop will be dedicated to these two tasks:
1) Using input sensors to adjust the properties and therefore change the behavior of the robot.
2) Implementing the robots memory using face detection/recognition and interact differently using previously stored feelings towards this person.

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